Serving the Chippewa Valley and surrounding area

Contracts and Forms

Please review this document to verify the information contained herein. A non-refundable deposit equal to $300.00 or 50% of the total, whichever is smaller, may be charged to secure your reservation. A fee equal to the total trip cost will be charged for any cancellation made less than one month prior to scheduled date.

Service will not be provided until an In Style Limousine LLC Contract, Damage Report and Rules of the Road statements have been signed and returned to In Style Limousine LLC. In the event of any changes to the itinerary, please contact us immediately; we are available 24 hours a day.

Due to the high quality of our vehicle(s), all guests must act in a responsible and careful manner to preserve the condition of these vehicles. Vehicle shall be inspected by Chauffeur before the trip and if desired by the renting party at the first pick up location.

DO NOT SMOKE in our vehicles. Any guest who smokes inside our vehicles will incur a $100.00 fumigation fee per incident to the Client.

The Client assumes all responsibility for his or her guests and agrees to reimburse In Style Limousine LLC for all replacement costs and downtime and any missing or broken items. See Limousine Damage Report for specific fees for damages.

The Client assumes full responsibility for any personal items brought into our vehicles by themselves or their guests and indemnifies In Style Limousine LLC for any items left in our vehicles whether missing or damaged.

In Style Limousine LLC does not condone the hiring of our vehicles for illegal purposes and we assume no responsibility for any illegal action by our clients. No illegal substances are to be brought into or used in our vehicles. In Style Limousine LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any guest due to inappropriate behavior. In the event of refusal of service by In Style Limousine LLC staff, any money paid for the trip will be forfeited and not refunded, and 100% of trip charges and any other fees due in accordance with this contract will be due and payable immediately.

All guests assume the inherent risk of moving around and riding in a moving vehicle.

Client agrees to pay any additional hourly charges and gratuity prorated in 15 minute intervals for any overtime charges over and above agreed upon contracted time in original reservation based on stated hourly rate of vehicle in reservation.


Cancellations with less than a 14 day notice (certified mail to address above) will be billed the Total Contract amount. This means you will pay for all charges on the contract. By signing this contract, and entering your credit card information in the appropriate fields you are authorizing In Style Limousine LLC to charge the credit card for any of the following charges: deposit, cancellation fee, damages to the vehicle, and all services rendered.